About Us

We are a family-run business where our story begins with a mother’s grown passion from her youth. In pursuit of replicating her favourite childhood dessert, time came when she perfected the recipe to her favourite cake. This has now become the infamous secret recipe that inspired the cakes you will find around our family bakery. This eventually led to many experiments that reminded her of the passion from her youth to what has now become the heart of
Bread ‘N Batter.

Her daughter eventually joined the scene with her culinary background to put modern twists to Mom’s traditionally loved recipes, and add a few flares of her own. Her husband and her other daughter have also joined in and are constantly working in the front, and behind the scenes. 

After opening our doors, we are now accompanied by wonderful staff that have become like family to us! Great talents have walked through our doors, and some have shown us new things that we continue to practice to this day!

Everyone has come together to bring the life and love of our family, and our gently loved recipes to your families’ tables!


We are not just a Filipino-based bakery, but a family of passionate bakers and innovators that put every pound of love, and every ounce of creativity to everything homemade.

From our most traditional products and flavours from the Philippines, to the uniquely made fusion specials, we continue to not only celebrate our families’ milestones together, but our customers’ too.