Weddings, Christenings, Baptisms, First Communions, Birthdays, Gender Reveals, Bridal Shower, Baby Showers, or even just a simple, personal surprise for a loved one? We celebrate these with you, and many more! Learn how our family helps to bring something home-y, and fresh your way for all your special events and loved ones!



These are some staple flavours of our culture that you might find in many of our products. From the breads, cakes, and fusion items… These are the flavours of the Philippine Islands.


Ube, a Filipino staple flavour, is a deep purple (dessert) yam. Its flavours are commonly compared to taro. For those who are trying for the first time, think of something sweet, with a hint of a nutty (almost like pistachio) vanilla.


Pandan is a tropical leaf used in a variety of asian food and desserts. The taste mildly resembles a coconut flavour with a sweet hint of vanilla.


Calamansi is a national citrus fruit. It is used in the same ways as any other citrus fruit like limes and lemons. You can find all around the Philippines as a juice, a wedge to squeeze on top of grilled foods, a flavour in dessert, and many more!

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